Citrus Farmer releases HR App to Manage Inductions & Compliance

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Simonetta Group –

Luke and Amanda operate a citrus packing shed out of Australia in Sunraysia Growing Region, led by the Simonetta family, in NSW.   

As you can imagine, in the fruit picking industry, there is a high staff turnover having almost 60% of their workforce on a temporary employee basis.   

After spending years doing things by pen and paper, Luke thought there must be a more innovative way. So, Luke has created HR Onboarding, an app to make it easier for the farming, horticulture and agriculture industry to manage their migrant and temporary workforce.  

The Onboarding app has eliminated the need to employ a part-time HR and compliance officer. Luke said since he started using the onboarding app they have stopped having to print out hundreds of “Starter packs” containing contracts, letters of offers, Induction Manuals, Fair Work Statements, and everything else needed for the induction.   

Sim Fresh Team

It was this fact alone that encouraged Luke to develop the onboarding app, taking pressure off his workload and not having to prepare the starter packs has saved them hundreds of dollars each year.  

The app allows owners in the farming industry a complete solution to manage their migrant and temporary workforce and ensure compliance when it comes to employee contracts, licenses and VISA documents, inductions, safe work practices and record keeping.  

According to Fair Work Ombudsman, migrant workers make up 6% of the Australian workforce. However, they account for 20% of all formal disputes completed by the FWO in 2017-18.  

As technology continues growing, Simfresh stays up to date utilizing innovative tools in all aspects of the business. This Transformative technology can help businesses to have a paperless system, which ultimately manages the Induction process, Record Keeping & Compliance of the company. 


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