Employee Wellness & Benefits – New Employee Onboarding Feature

Employee wellness has never been more important. In a recent study, Quatman Workplace discovered that when employees believe their employer cares about their health and well-being they are: 38% more engaged, 10x less likely to be hostile, 17% more likely to still work there in one year and 18% more likely to go that extra mile for the business. Further studies cited on Comcare link employee health and wellness with; greater productivity, higher performance, increased job satisfaction, greater work participation, lower absenteeism and greater organisational resilience.

The evidence is clear: Employees and Businesses alike benefit from maintaining and caring for employee wellbeing.

ATS Onboarding Now Offers Employee Wellness & Benefits

With that in mind, ATS Onboarding alongside Flare is proud to offer a range of employee wellness and benefits that are now accessible through ATS Onboarding. The offerings are geared towards not just ensuring your employees are rewarded and looked after but also that your business can thrive. Making it easy for employers to streamline this process as well as ensuring that the outcomes for employees move beyond the “office pizza party” to real-world benefits and perks that make your workplace and culture more desirable to new hires and talent attraction.

Access Employee Wellness Perks & More

Our partnership with Flare allows you to access the full range of benefits and perks available on the platform for your entire workforce. Full-time and part-time staff, casuals and volunteers are all eligible. Employees can access savings and perks from leading retailers like Woolworths, Amazon, Caltex, Specsavers, Fitness First plus hundreds more. As well as pre-negotiated offers from modern well-being brands like Headspace for Work, Fitness First, and Optus. That’s just some of what’s on offer.

Manage all the perks in one place and enhance your employee value proposition and help your employees tackle the rising cost of living with an employee benefits platform now embedded inside of ATS Onboarding.

Interested in learning more about the employee wellness benefits and more on offer through ATS Onboarding, sign up below.