Why is HR Onboarding Important?

Why is HR Employee Onboarding Important

HR Software that automates the collection, validation and tracking of key employee payroll information, certifications and documentation can take the pain out of hiring and inducting new employees. You will have peace of mind that all the required information is collected before the new employee starts work.  

So why is employee HR Onboarding important? Having a digital onboarding process makes an impact on the new hire’s first impressions and retention. A seamless process ensures employees feel at ease that all their correct details are used accordingly. Creating a strong connection is vital for earning loyalty and commitment to your business.  

What is HR Onboarding?

HR Onboarding is the process of recruiting a new employee into a business. Onboarding is managed and carried out by employers. Often, it is the business owner, Human resources or payroll officers for small businesses. An onboarding process includes sending and collecting essential information for payroll, training employees on policies and workplace health and safety procedures and managing licenses and certificates required for the employee’s new role. Collecting the correct documents can ensure your business stay compliant.

Why is Employee Onboarding Important?

Digital HR onboarding software gives business owners, payroll, HR, and employers peace of mind, especially from a regulatory compliance perspective. Having the correct documentation on file and ready for fair work audits ensures your business does not receive any fines or penalties.

Several studies indicate that using effective onboarding and recruiting processes is crucial to employee engagement and employee performance. If your induction process is well-executed, your employees feel valued and comfortable. New hires will feel confident in their day-to-day responsibilities and ready to work for your business.

How Can Employee Onboarding Software Keep You Compliant?

ATS Onboarding ensures business compliance with the new superannuation reforms being introduced on the 1st of November 2021. You will have the ability to easily collect superannuation details with automatic fund validation with the ATO. Employees can also find employees lost super funds and consolidate existing memberships to one fund. ATS Onboarding also features Bank account, BSB and TFN validation, ensuring you have the correct information for payroll.  

What Are The Benefits of HR Onboarding Software?

The main benefit of a paperless onboarding system is you can ditch your paper documents and outdated filing cabinets and keep all your HR documents stored digitally with easy access to the files when you need them.

Digital Employee Onboarding - Paperless Solution
  • Automate time-consuming processes and enable HR to create a great first experience for new employees.
  • Create, send and approve job offers with your fully customisable employment contracts and digital document collection.
  • Seamless API integration between ATS onboarding and Xero, MYOB and Unipay.

What ATS Onboarding Do For Your Business

Simplify Employee Onboarding

Automate time-consuming processes and enable HR to create a great first experience for new employees. Ditch your paper documents and ancient filing cabinets and switch to an online HR document storage system you can trust.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure business compliance with automatic validation of Bank account, BSB and TFN, increasing efficiency by 85%. Easily collect superannuation details with fund validation and find employees lost super.

Cloud Based Solution

You will benefit from online access to your onboarding application and easy access to essential employee information. Employee data is kept secure in Australian cloud data centres. Store as many documents as your business needs – With unlimited storage space with on the go access to files, you will have the ability to store as many documents as your business needs.

Direct Payroll Integration

Seamless API integration between ATS onboarding and Xero, MYOB and Unipay. When you hire a new employee, populate the required profile information into ATS Onboarding and sync it to your payroll system. Ensure you have the correct employee data to use when processing payroll.

Collect Digital Documentation

Your ATS Onboarding Software will collect and keep a record of: 

  • Contracts & Induction Documents 
  • Employees Personal Details  
  • Payroll Information including Bank Acc details, TFN and Superfund details 
  • Licenses & Certifications 
  • Signed Workplace Policies & Company Documents 

Businesses with high volume onboarding, high turnover, low margin, lots of admin and compliance, under-resourced HR functions can benefit from automating their onboarding process. ATS Onboarding software is flexible, easy to use and operate, and can be aligned to suit the needs and requirements of any industry. Our onboarding software is affordable and best for any business, small, medium, large and enterprise level.  

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